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Barbara McLean has been in critical care practice for 40 years. Currently, Barbara is the advancing evidence based practice clinical specialist for the division of critical care at the Grady Health System; Atlanta GA. Ms. McLean is a member of many professional organizations including the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and the American Association of Surgery and Trauma. She has been awarded the excellence in education award by the AACN as well as the circle of excellence for clinical practice in 2014 and the SCCM has presented her with the prestigious Norma J. Shoemaker Award for critical care nursing excellence in 2013.

Barbara has written 24 chapters 16 articles  and is a regular reviewer for Critical Care Medicine, Intensive  Care Medicine and NEJM. Her webinars and pod casts regarding sepsis and other critical issues are highly touted. She is an avid abstract reviewer, professor and mentor and has made more than 3000 presentations nationally and internationally based on her hemodynamic, sepsis and disaster expertise. Her research has been focused on blood flow and oxygenation and she continues to expand her knowledge every day in her local and international clinical practice.

In 2009, and again in 2010, Barbara spent over three months in volunteer healthcare development and provision, completely independently and unfunded. She has been involved with multiple volunteer efforts, including formulating and editing the fourth version of the Fundamentals in Critical Care Textbook, patient safety initiatives, work in her own community (outreach health care in the Thomasville Heights project, nurse practitioner at the Olympic Park, Atlanta GA, 1996 Olympics, health education at the International Rescue Center for refugees escaping violence) as well as in Nicaragua and Tanzania Africa developing basic critical care education and practice. She was among the first responders to the Houston Astro arena on day one of evacuation from Hurricane Katrina, as well as immediately volunteering following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. She traveled to Haiti twelve times providing over 1000 hours of direct care (with project MediShare) including operating as the triage manager during the cholera outbreak as well as managing the ad-hoc intensive care unit.

Currently, Barbara is the point person for education on donning and doffing for the new special containment unit at Grady Hospital.  Her participation in the training of nurses, physicians and laboratory personnel for both in-patient and emergency –ambulatory admissions has been vital to the system. She has developed a on-going Monday night meeting to work with families in critical crisis for all ICU families currently with patients at Grady.

Barbara is a sought after speaker and professor for many international critical care venues. Her ongoing research and clinical practice facilitate her theory and knowledge regarding acute patient care states.

As an educator, provider and practitioner, Barbara is committed to patient care and safety; critical care practice, collegial communication and evidence-based practice implementation at the bedside. Most importantly, every day of her personal and practice life are spent working towards improving care for patients and families.